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Our goal is to educate homeowners so they can demand quality service for theinstallation and maintenance of their heating, cooling, and air ducts. Over90% of HVAC (Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning) problems are due toimproper installation and maintenance, not equipment. Don't allow a companyor salesman to push you into buying a specific brand, just so he can makehis quota. Ultimately, you will save money by picking the most qualifiedtechnician to work on your equipment, not by picking a certain brand. Alarge portion of your heating and cooling costs depend on the condition ofyour air ducts, because the ducts are used to transfer air throughout yourliving space. The air ducts should be well sealed, well insulated, andproperly sized to perform efficiently.

After reviewing this site, you will realize that you can save more than 10%in operating cost by having your HVAC installed and maintained by atechnician that is an expert ductwork designer!

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updated May 2011