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What does this number mean?

My license number is TACLA017041C

TACL: stands for Texas Air Conditioning License.

TACL A: Unlimited class (unlimited tonnage such as chillers)The B designation is only for smaller systems. The difference is double the number of more difficult questions to answer at a faster rate

TACLAxxxx C: Combined AC plus Process Heating and Cooling (refrigeration)

These are the highest designations and the hardest to get. The pass rate of either exam is approximately 20%.

The EPA license

The easiest license to get is the EPA license that anyone (even those without any knowledge about AC's can get) It basically lets you know that that person has sat through a class about the current federal regulations regarding ozone depleting chemicals. These are the people that are typically working on your air conditioner. In many cases, they are installing the equipment in your house as a part time summer job.

The extreme difference in expertise is more prevalent in the large companies and most notably the insurance homebuyers protection programs. These companies have the least qualified people patch your system as you agreed to when you pay them to keep your unit running. The smaller AC companies generally have more knowlegeable workers since the helpers are working directly with the owner/operator. The HVAC business relies on the expertise of the actual AC personnel working on your system. This is an apprenticeship type of service business where the expertise of the person working on your AC is responsible for 90% of the repair. The large national chains such as ARS take 90% of the money to support large pools of marketing people and executives. This means that 90% of the money doesn't go to the person doing the work!

When I design your system, it is with the idea of having the least amount of down time and the least number of service calls. I also design the system to have the lowest overall energy consumption through zoning, low loss designs, and proper air circulation matched with the proper filtration system. Since 2008 it has been practical to remove 2 systems and replace them with one high efficiency unit. The installed performance test now available shows that most air conditionings systems are operating at less than 60% of the rated output due to incorrect duct sizing, incorrect refrigerant charge, and improper installation. This means that your 5 ton air conditioner is only producting 2-1/2 tons of air conditioning. By properly sizing the airconditioner to your lifestyle and house, the amount of energy and comfort can be significant. Reducing the amount of equipment in half reduces future maintenance and replacment costs.

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update Jan 2010